Practical in application, Good for the environment

AIRLESS – The intelligent packaging design for even more caring enjoyment.

Bottled in airless pump containers, the avinya emulsions are safe from external influences – any contact with oxygen and the oxidation of the important organic ingredients are prevented. This not only preserves the valuable fatty acids of the oils, but also makes it possible to reduce the preservation with organic alcohol to a minimum. A special mechanism allows the bottle to be completely emptied and ensures that the emulsion can be enjoyed until the last drop.

avinya emulsions are available in packaging sizes of 300, 200, 75 and 15 ml. Practical for home and on the go!

The 15 and 75 ml dispensers are refillable and can be used several times. Good for the environment!

Verpackungsgrößen zu 75, 200 und 15 ml